My first foray into the world of film scoring, sound design and sound mixing (I ended up doing all 3)was for “Diary of a Thagee”, a short film directed by Charlie Sen. It was nominated Best Thriller at Limelight Film Awards 2011.

As well as more conventional composition using strings and Bansuri (which occurs towards the end of the film) I was asked to provide music built from sounds recorded during the filming (the ceremonial drums and bells) and sound design that featured the symbols that have such portent to the main character (the bird and the conch).

Roaming the city streets, Mitu, an unassuming taxi driver, keeps a dark secret: he is a Thag – one of the ancient band of thieves, whose murderous acts of plunder, were deemed deeds of reverence to the Mother Goddess. One night, on picking up a businessman, Karl, Mitu receives the deity’s call. But when his would be victim discloses a secret of his own, Mitu finds his tryst with destiny is not what he expects.

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