5th December 2023

Dec 2023 News

It is with a small degree of embarrassment that I see my last entry was in 2021! In my defence, I am forgetful.

It has been a busy couple of years. Last year I started writing additional music for Nainita Desai (First Blood, My Grandparents War S2, Murder In The Alps, Partition In Colour, Ancient Murders Unearthed and Predators) and this year I have turned back to production music with albums for Reliable Source, Inspired and a forthcoming one for Sonoton and another series with Nainita called OceanXplorers (more info on that in 2024).

Plus I’ve been doing my extra curricular stuff with PRS (elected and serving on the Licensing Committee Advisory Group) and the Ivors Academy where as I set up and chaired the working group that planned the succesful media composer’s conference

I hope to be a little more attentive wwith my updates next year 🙂

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